Get close to the
power and speed
of White Turf.

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Horse Power

Passion for races from the Exclusive Platform, among friends in the private WTJC Tent, with adrenaline at the WTJC Skikjöring Club Race or with horse power on four wheels.

Local World

Cool local Members meet hot Swiss and international Members: on the Top of the World and below. Local Clubhouse – this is where we hang our shoes. Network with national and international Jockey Clubs – this is where we meet new friends.

Jockey Club Horse Power
Jockey Club White Magic

White Magic

Surrounded by the shimmering landscapes of the Engadine our locally handmade WTJC Member Scarf will stand out on the frozen lake with the white tent city. And the fairy tale ambience will help us for charity‘s sake.

Private affair – with Partner

Free entrance with exclusive platform at the inner lane and private WTJC Tent for Member and Partner – all three White Turf racing days: as close as it gets. WTJC Skikjöring Club Race: as fast as it gets.

General Agenda

First White Turf weekend
· Saturday: White Turf Opening Night
· Sunday: WTJC lunch at White Turf (WTJC Tent)

Second White Turf weekend
· Saturday: WTJC dinner and party
· Sunday: WTJC lunch at White Turf (WTJC Tent)

Third White Turf weekend
· Saturday: WTJC Skikjöring Club Race
· Sunday: WTJC lunch at White Turf (WTJC Tent)

Special events around the year

Jockey Club General Agenda
Jockey Club Agenda 2016
Jockey Club Agenda 2016

Agenda 2018/19

Friday 17 August 2018

General Assembly WTJC at the Kulm Hotel, St. Moritz

Sunday 23 September 2018

Grand Prix Land Rover Jockey Club Race Day
– Admission to the VIP-tent for the special price of CHF 200

Sundays 7. & 14. October  2018

Horse Race Maienfeld
– 10% discount for stand VIP-seats

Saturday 8 December 2018

Season Opening in St. Moritz including Apéro at Lesunja Fine Jewellery and followed by a dinner

Sundays 3, 10 & 17 February 2019 December 2017

White Turf

– Plattform Zelt mit Eintritt an den Renntagen White Turf

– 20% Vergünstigung auf VIP-Tickets, Ticket nur über Sekretariat Rennverein

– 25% Vergünstigung auf Tribünen-Tickets, nur im Sekretariat White Turf erhältlich

  • Tribüne B: Fr. 33.75 statt Fr. 45.00, inkl. Programm
  • Tribüne A, nummeriert: Fr. Fr. 63.75 statt Fr. 85.00, inkl. Programm

– Rennbahnbrunch mit Trainingsbesichtigung

– Grand Prix Cocktail presented by Longines

The Ambassadors
of White Turf

Preserve the spirit of the White Turf horse races, a prestigious and traditional event since 1907. Be part of the Think Tank of White Turf, one of the official “Top Events of Switzerland”. Promote the exclusive trademark “White Turf” at home and in the world.

For the benefit of White Turf and the WTJC

White Turf Logo
Jockey Club Ambassadors of White Turf
Jockey Club Membership


· Recommendation by two Members
· Acceptance by Members of the Board
· Articles of Association


Limitation of Members 75

Individuals Couples
Entrance Fee CHF 1’500.- CHF 2’000.-
Annual Fee CHF 2’000.- CHF 3’000.-

Office Contact
White Turf Jockey Club • (WTJC) St. Moritz
Via Serlas 23 • CH-7500 St. Moritz
Tel. +41 81 833 30 40

Fotos: - Andy Mettler; Robert Bösch - Oberägeri
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